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eLearning is an ongoing trend these days and is a proven way to deliver educational content to those who need it when they want it. It can be delivered in various forms including web-based courses, software-based courses, live training sessions, audio, video, and animation presentations. eLearning solutions can be used by almost every kind of institution – from schools to colleges to businesses. It has changed the face of education as well as the way in which learners learn.

Major factors of  ELearning Education Edge Program:-

Web-based this courses are available in various formats such as modules, tutorials, video conferences, slide shows, audio cassettes, books, manuals, flashcards, and interactive games. This courses are easy to use and are considered to be one of the most convenient ways of learning. Students can access the learning materials from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night. This gives them an opportunity to enjoy a hands-on approach to learning.

The learning environment in eLearning solutions:-

The learning environment in eLearning solutions is facilitated through web-based interfaces that make it easier for learners to access and proceed towards the ultimate goals. eLearning courses allow students to work at their own pace and in a relaxed atmosphere. Web-based learning offers a great deal of flexibility for those who wish to engage in long-distance learning. They can carry out assignments at their own leisure and finish the course whenever they want. Students can access the learning materials in a more enjoyable manner and focus on the tasks at hand.

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Self-paced or home-based eLearning:-

Self-paced or home-based eLearning courses offer several advantages over traditional classroom learning. Students can accelerate their learning experience by selecting the right content to be covered. In a traditional classroom setup, students are confined to a particular course, may follow it for a certain period of time, and then need to pick up where they left off. ELearning provides a great deal of flexibility and allows the student to move ahead at his or her own pace.

Use of online teaching tools:-

With the use of online teaching tools, eLearning can help address the instruction needs of different individuals. Online classrooms have the potential to accommodate large numbers of students at the same time, but this depends on the quality of the instructional technology used. The most common method of teaching eLearning courses is through PowerPoint presentations and screen sharing tools. Students can view and listen to the instructor via a video link, while in the classroom. In this way, students can learn faster when the instructor delivers the information in a live and moving format. To get more about e-learning you can go at https://atechsavvy.com/

Advantages of being cost-effective:-

ELearning offers the advantages of being cost-effective. The format of online courses makes it possible for institutions to offer comprehensive courses for lesser amounts of money. Online learning also makes it possible for learners to take courses in the comfort of their own home. Since the courses are interactive, the student can ask questions anytime during the course. This means that the learning environment is more relaxed than in a traditional classroom. The interaction with the instructor through question and answer sessions also ensures that the student has a clear picture of the subject being taught.

Disadvantages of e-learning:-

One of the major disadvantages of e-learning is that it can be time-consuming. Most people find it difficult to sit for long hours in front of a computer. E-learning can be made more interactive through the use of multimedia tools and multimedia-based applications, such as PowerPoint presentations. In addition to allowing students to access e-courses via the Internet.

These tools allow for more hands-on learning, which is highly advantageous because students are more likely to remember what they have learned if they can actually touch and feel it. For example, using a photo-sharing software program to capture memorable images helps them remember the content of a lesson.


There are several different types of learning tools available to faculty members across the country. The eLearning Education Center at the University of Washington is a comprehensive resource for all kinds of information, including how to get your courses online, the different kinds of online courses available, and how to best design your own eLearning course.

The University of Washington’s eLearning Edge Program allows faculty members to take a quick look at some popular software applications. The eLearning Education Center includes a list of recommended products by five different software companies. You will also find links to an “eLearning 101” website that gives you basic information about the different types of programs offered and also learn about SEO for learning websites.

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