Edmonton’s top corporate lawyers

With a better understanding of how much a corporate lawyer may cost, let’s look at some of the best corporate lawyers in Edmonton.

This is a.   Attorney Charles Bosecke from Bosecke Law LLP

Whether you need advice on starting, selling, purchasing, or legal consultation, Bosecke Law LLP can assist you. Its founder and senior partner, Charles Bosecke, is an expert in all aspects of corporate and commercial law. Having served more than 120 international corporations in his practice, he has extensive experience in the corporate world.

You can discuss your legal concerns regarding your business during a free 30-minute consultation with this firm. As it is an independent law firm, you can expect to receive the same expertise and experience as larger firms at more budget-friendly rates. In general, we found it to be a great option for those seeking a highly experienced and affordable corporate lawyer.

Reviews from Customers

Here is what some of their clients think:

During his interactions with clients, Charles’ expertise and legal finesse clearly come across. His explanations of the legal stuff are easy to understand and he explains the complexities and implications of them in simple terms. I love how patient he is, how articulate he is, and most importantly how funny he is!””is!””is!”” – Tejinder Singh“I absolutely love working with this firm! It is a pleasure to work with Carl and his team.

Secondly,   the firm of Prowse Chowne is headed by Philip Prowse

Philip Prowse graduated from the University of Alberta and the NAIT Business School with a major in accounting and a minor in finance. As a former business owner in the hospitality industry, he is an ideal corporate lawyer for companies in that sector.

Not only can he help you navigate the challenges of business, but he also has experience handling any related issues. Serving Edmonton for over 60 years, the firm has embedded itself well into the modern era, creating a strong online presence. There are even A.I. chatbots that can assist you with initial concerns or book an appointment.

Reviews from Customers

Here is what some of their clients think:

“Working with such an organized and professional firm is a pleasure.  We were kept informed of the entire process from day one through resolution, and we always felt like we were dealing with industry professionals.  Despite paying reasonable fees, we always thought we were getting good value for our money.  – David Pohl”Phillip Prowse is highly knowledgeable, a direct communicator, and definitely a great option if you are thinking of hiring him.” – Dean Regehr”Prowse Chowne has served as my legal representative for over 5 years.” – David Pohl”Phillip Prowse is very knowledgeable, a direct communicator, and I believe you have a great option if you choose to hire him.” – Dean Regehr “Best in class from my experience! Highly competent and proficient service!” Greg Radstaak


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