Death Prediction – The Question of the End: Can Astrologers Tell This Too?

The question of when I will die sounds scary; still, many people want to know the answer to this silly question. No one can answer this question perfectly; not even astrologers in Delhi have the potential to predict that. 

But some of the best astrologers in Delhi can surely predict somewhat close to how you will die with the planets’ help.

Both unannounced and announced deaths are possible. Death doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, elderly or young. A scene in Mahabharata has the Pandavas running into death in the form of a Yaksha who dwelt in a lake. When the Pandavas were banished and dwelling in the wilderness, a Brahmin approached them and urged them to recover the holy grass that a deer had stolen. Yudhishtir dispatched his brothers to retrieve it, but no one came back. 

Finally, when he went looking for them, he discovered them dead on the shores of a lake. He was terrified since he didn’t know what had murdered them. He tried to drink some water from the lake since he was thirsty. Suddenly, he heard a voice tell him not to drink the water from the lake because he would die like his brothers if he did. That voice belonged to a Yaksha who resided in that lake. Yaksha informed Yudhishtir that he had to answer his questions first before drinking; otherwise, he would die. Yudhishtir agreed, and Yaksha followed up with a series of inquiries. Yudhishtir correctly answered them. “What is the most incredible thing in the world?” was one of the questions. “Although human beings are mortal, they act as if they will live forever,” Yudhishtir said.

Yudhishtir was correct in his statement. We would be more conscious of our actions on the planet if we understood that death is unavoidable. From an individual’s horoscope, an astrologer will be able to predict when they will die. The horoscope’s planetary positions will indicate when death is most likely to occur. Although many people ask astrologers when they will die, most astrologers refuse to give a clear answer for various reasons.

People want to know how or when they will die for various reasons; one is to avoid it. For example, if an astrologer forecasts that a person will die due to an accident, they may be more concerned about their health.

In astrology, predicting the exact time of death is quite difficult. It is determined by the Dasha and Sub-Dasha periods and planetary placements. This event cannot be predicted using any unique approaches or shortcuts. Death can be caused by various elements, combinations, and factors. Astrology gives us insights into what may or may not happen. Time can be calculated simply by looking at the positions of the planets in combination with the Sun in the natal chart, as well as the Dasha system. Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun are some of the karakas of death.

Shani/Saturn represents both beginnings and endings in life.

  • Shukra/Venus 

When Shukra/Venus is prominent in a chart, the person may die peacefully in their sleep or after a protracted illness. Venus has the power to alleviate suffering.

  • Guru/Jupiter

It is the god of cancer. It could be a sign of death or cancer due to incurable sickness. If Transits stimulate Jupiter in a natal chart, this will be obvious. It has the potential to cause a slow death.

  • Mangal/Mars 

This sign can indicate a violent death or violence. Because it governs firearms, fire, and knives, it is possible that a shooting, fire, or stabbing will result in death. It will be a traumatic and unexpected event. Because of Mars’s influence, death comes quickly.

  • Pluto

It is associated with severe trauma and violent death. For example, a sudden aneurysm that results in instant death or a car accident results in a fatal injury.

  • Uranus

 In many ways, Uranus is the polar opposite of Saturn. It denotes spontaneous happenings; as a result, death could strike out of nowhere and in an entirely unexpected manner. Uranus is also the planet of surgery and mishaps. The planet is associated with strange and unexpected happenings.

  • Neptune 

Because Neptune is the god of water, it denotes death by drowning or a mishap in the ocean. When Neptune is activated in a person’s chart at the moment of death, the death may be mysterious or occur while they are sleeping.

  • Sun

The placement of the Sun with the other planets can assist in predicting death. Its placement in the natal chart hints at how the individual will die. 

The planets Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus frequently stand-in for the Vedic astrology entities Ketu and Rahu. The attributes of Ketu and Rahu, the Lunar Nodes with no existence, are thought to be distributed among these three planets in the solar system. Uranus has Rahu’s characteristics, Neptune has Ketu’s characteristics, and Pluto has Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu’s. The reasons for death will change when different planets occupy the 8th house or the Ascendant. If they are present in the Ascendant or the 8th house of the birth chart, the shadow planets called Dragon’s head (Rahu) and Dragon’s tail (Ketu) cause death by snakebite and accidents. If they are present in the Ascendant or the 8th house of the birth chart, they cause death by supernatural activities and lightning.


It is natural to want to know when and how we will die. However, other astrologers believe that knowing these things is preferable to not knowing them because the information may haunt the individual and prevent them from fully enjoying their life, especially if there is a sign of violent or untimely death in the birth chart. However, knowing things isn’t a problem if one wants to be cautious and avoid things that could endanger one’s life. It is better to be forewarned than to be forearmed.

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