Custom or Universal Fit: Which is Better for Seat Covers?

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You can always find something that fits you perfectly to the last centimetre unless of course, it’s tailor-made. Thus, the same goes for custom car accessories like seat covers. Custom car seat covers, when pitied against a universal fit, clear advantages present themselves. Despite mass production and universal sizing being popular, most people can attest to the novelties brought about by customized seat covers.

Relative to their universal fit counterparts, tailor-made car seat covers are far superior, not only in design but also in materials used. Most people don’t see customisation as an option because they are not aware of the advantages the former lacks in the latter. Shall we have a look at how custom car seat covers fare against universal fit products?

Custom Car Seat Covers grants the Perfect Fit

Much like a glove-to-hand, custom car seat covers fit perfectly well with the dimensions of your upholstery. As opposed to universal fits that may be rounded off to a few centimetres. Moreover, customisation takes your vehicle model type, while universal fit types may have a one size fits all. Furthermore, there is no sagging or sliding over with custom car seat covers, popular with universal fit products. With custom seat covers, the attention given to minute details is what makes this option far superior to its nemesis.

Customisation Equals Better Protection

A perfect fit offers greater protection as any inch left open exposes the original upholstery to damaging elements. The sagging and sliding over leaves areas exposed where dirt can settle, spills can get through or elemental destruction. However, the fit offered by custom car seat covers ensures the original upholstery remains safe. Moreover, better protection keeps your seats looking newer and thus lasting longer.

Tailor-made to Lifestyle

When going for the custom option, you are left to choose the materials you like. You can also blend two materials that go well together. For instance, if you are always actively commuting or using your vehicle at work, a durable fabric would be ideal. Heavy-duty fabrics like canvas and also luxurious classy fabric like leather can be incorporated based on your lifestyle. Moreover, based on environmental and weather features, seat covers can be made from materials that can counter them. From waterproof types to thermoresistant and UV resistant car seat covers. all these, however, don’t fail in their primary directive; to protect the original car seats.

Custom Car Seat Covers Protect Your Investment

As mentioned earlier, the perfect fit provides ultimate protection and thus keeps your original seats looking new. The resale value of your vehicle, should you wish to sell, depends on how well “kempt” the interior is. The resale value of a car starts diminishing from the inside, outward.  A ruined upholstery is visually unappealing and can downright destroy your efforts to sell your car. In as much as you cannot halt depreciation, you can slow it down amicably to still be close to the original value as possible with tailor-made seat covers. Custom made seat covers can withstand the type of lifestyle you live due to their adaptation preserving value.

In general, customisation fares well against universal fit products. Moreover, they are reasonably priced considering you’ll get value for your money. Why don’t you check out Saddleman‘s custom range of car seat covers for your vehicle.

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