5 Eye-Catching Cosmetic Display Boxes You Can Use To Brand Promotions

cosmetic display boxes

Winning a huge number of sales is not an easy cup of tea. However, the display boxes make it much easier for the cosmetic businesses by their innovative design. Some special scorings and perforations are added to cardboard box walls that transform the box into a marketing tool. Clearly exposed products with the perfect use of inserts and dividers raise the presentation level of cosmetic and other retail items. Use of embossing, hot foil stamping, and other custom options add an unmatchable value to the items. Custom printing with advanced printing technology entirely facilitates the customers in making purchase decisions.

The cosmetic industry is highly competitive, and it is always a challenge for cosmetic brands to come up as industry leaders. The display boxes are such an amazing source that lifts up the brand image via cheap and effective promotion. Several different types of this packaging solution are popular in the markets that are eye-catching as well as effective for brand promotion. Here are 5 such different types that you can use for this purpose.

Countertop packaging

The countertop display packaging is the most basic design that benefits the promotion of brands. Startup cosmetic brands are very less known to the common buyers, and hence they need to opt for such techniques that could bring them to the limelight. These boxes with the cosmetic items are displayed over the cash counters in the retail stores. It is the place where every person visiting the retail stores has to go after making any purchase. So, it is a great opportunity for the startups to get recognized. Buyers will surely give a look to the innovatively displayed cosmetic items and will consider them for a purchase.

Power wing boxes

The arrangement of products from a brand makes it easy to draw the attention of customers. The use of power-wing cosmetic display packaging is a brilliant resource in this regard. Unlike the countertop packaging, they come in several custom sizes. Some of them can even reach half the height of a person. They are made big in size to contain more products for the display. A bigger size means more space for the display of brand details. These cardboard boxes even provide the opportunity to display multiple cosmetic items under the umbrella of one brand. It will promote the brand as an entity providing all makeup essentials.

Multi-tier custom boxes

Customers always remember a brand that has adopted some exceptional techniques to show its presence in the market. One such technique is the use of cardboard display boxes with more than one level. Such type of packaging can reach up to three tiers. The strong corrugated cardboard ensures that every level can carry the maximum products. Meanwhile, the side walls are printed with the ongoing promotional campaigns of the brand. It is natural to get attracted to such a solution that is highly visible. So, maximum people interact with items presented this way and remember the brand name for future purchases.

Boxes with a crafted back wall

There are certain designs of these custom boxes that offer great brand and products marketing opportunities. This design is customized specifically while adding the scorings and sleeves that adopt a whole new look on opening the packaging. The top lid also stands with the back wall panel and raises its height and visibility. Brands can hire professional packaging forms to craft their iconic mascots or any other animated characters. Doing so with these custom display boxes becomes a great source for the brands for self-promotion. Using the embossing and debossing techniques to display the logo over this back wall also becomes so prominent that people could easily recall it on seeing it again.

Custom standup boxes

This cardboard cosmetic display boxes type is bigger in size than all other options. Brands specifically use them when they have to get a special place for their products in the retail stores. They are designed to reach a height from the floor where people can comfortably pick a product. Custom printed boxes designed this way provide a great opportunity for customization. The brand name is the main focus for this style, and they perform this role brilliantly by promoting the brands as creative entities. Additionally, they are manufactured entirely using rigid cardboard that is a sustainable material and has no harm to the environment. All these types of display boxes are highly eye-catching and facilitate the brands in getting noticed quickly. Even the startup cosmetic brands can avail these designs and get a positive public response. The cheap brand promotion will result in getting more sales while spending less on the different marketing techniques.


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