Tips For Climbing the Corporate Ladder as a Woman

Corporate Ladder as a Woman

Almost 60 years following the Equal Pay Act, statistics still show a difference between gender pay. On average, women in the United States make $0.63 to every dollar earned by their male counterparts. In addition, there are few women who have secured top positions in the corporate world.

If you are a woman working in transport looking to climb the corporate ladder, these reports can be both frustrating and discouraging. However, with hard work and a little strategy, you can certainly make your way to the top. To help ease the journey, here are a few tips to incorporate when attempting to climb your career ladder.

Create a Game Plan

When it comes to building your career, you need goals and these can only be achieved with a game plan. This is essential in giving you some direction in achieving those goals. A game plan will also come in handy in creating a timeline, giving you an idea of when you need to accomplish certain milestones. Do not make your game plan time-specific as most of your goals will be determined by the company’s culture, structure as well as growth. Regardless, it is best to have a general consensus of what your success might look like.

Be Assertive

One of the continually proven things in the workplace is that silence will only hamper your growth. In some situations, silence comes in handy, but when stakes become high, you need to reveal your leadership by speaking up. If you find a colleague being unethical in the workplace, keeping quiet will only hamper your career growth.

So, do not hesitate to speak up and share your ideas, suggestions and knowledge whenever possible or rather necessary. This is one of the best ways to gain credibility in the workplace and leave your mark on the organization. However, be mindful whenever you decide to speak up and ensure your assertiveness will add value.

Find a Good Mentor

When it comes to climbing the corporate ladder, you need to make informed decisions. This can be challenging, but it can be made easier with the help of a mentor.  Finding someone in your circle or company with insight on how you can grow your career will make a huge difference. The right mentor will tell you the mistakes they made during their career and provide substantial advice when you need it. In addition, they can help you come up with a solid game plan for the future of your career and help you be logical and realistic when it comes to your goals.

Know Your Worth and Show It

Once you know your worth and are not afraid of achieving greatness, it will be clear to the rest. Every morning, remind yourself of the value that you bring to the organization and strive to add even more. Work in a way that you seem responsible for the company’s bottom line.

Balance Your Professional and Personal Life


Even if you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder, it is imperative to maintain a balance between your work and home life. You can do this by valuing your personal life just as much as your professional life, if not more. Strive to create a peaceful environment at home and ensure you do the necessary chores including home maintenance. You need to ensure that you enjoy time at home so that when you get there, it is easy to relax and unwind.

Build Relationships

Building and nurturing healthy relationships is essential in all life aspects. Keep in mind that the professional relationships you build will mean a lot down the line as you build your career. Market yourself, build networks and relationships with people you come across in your line of work. During project collaborations, take the time to learn from the rest. This is one way to set yourself up for success as a woman in corporate America. The same is true in finance as it is if you are building an architecture career.

Take Risks

When it comes to climbing the corporate ladder, if you’re not going out of your comfort zone, it will be hard to grow. Playing it safe might be easier, but it rarely provides the results you’re after. This is not the time to be afraid of taking risks and trying new things.

Bear in mind, however, there is a big difference between taking risks and being reckless. The latter might be speaking up in a meeting, asking a coworker for help or testing out a new strategy. More often than not, making bold decisions result in the best learning strategies. So, get out of your comfort zone and be ready to learn a lot more as you advance your career in this competitive industry.

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