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In all kinds of businesses, cloud computing is playing a notable significant role. This has made it necessary for the Government of Thailand to promote cloud services, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Cloud computing can significantly increase information management and reduce overall IT expenses helping companies to focus on their core businesses. This highlights the law and investment promotion applicable to cloud computing services in Thailand. In this article, we’ll look at where to find cloud services in Thailand. If you are already in Thailand, you may you the phrase Cloud Server ที่ไหนดี to browse more information about available cloud services in Thailand.

As you may have already known, Cloud HM is one of the leading cloud services in Thailand. With their experience and expertise in cloud solutions, you can be sure that you are in good hands. However, there are more brands that you can consider; 

Server Wala

It is considered to be much more reliable in Thailand. This is because it employs a redundant server environment that ensures that data is periodically backed up and duplicated and no amount of data is ever lost due to either hardware or software malfunction. Disaster recovery is taken care of as backups are done in built-in drivers and also off the server. Server Wala uses CDN to ensure that maximum data is accessible and available at all times to ensure maximum server uptime for its cloud servers. To help in minimizing hardware failures, system overloads, and hackers, Server Wala employs an isolated cloud environment. The use of multiple servers is a great influence on performance and speed as it offers efficient load balance.

Vhost Web 

This offers both web hosting and other cloud server-based services in Thailand. VMware’s cloud system is the world’s most used cloud system. The Vhost Web’s cloud server service is based on VMware. Quick performance and stability are what these cloud systems are renowned for. Vhost Web offers several configurations that you may select according to your specifications, needs, or preferences on the virtual machine. Vhost Web not only has servers that are flexible that you may upscale or downscale according to your needs but also has a certified data center. Trend Micro Deep Security, VMware, and vShield are employed on the Vhost for the security of your data. The VM snapshot protects the data. To ensure the high availability of data at all times, VMware has HA monitors. Vhost Web offers the installation of a control panel, database server, OS, and mail server to help you set up your cloud computing system.

 Miles Web

Miles Web takes pride in offering affordable cloud services. It is easy to deploy cloud hosting on Miles Web. Applications coded in any language including Java, Node Js its extremely easy to deploy without having to make any changes through Docker or GIT or plugins such as NetBeans, Eclipse, and Maven. This cloud server is easy to scale, therefore, at any given time you can set up triggers and the system will automatically upscale or downscale either vertically or horizontally depending on the traffic you have. It is also easy to manage since the services include access to config and log files, CI/CD tools, deployment manager, and collaboration platform.

True IDC

True IDC offers both domestic and international cloud solutions. This enables businesses to meet and cover all their needs in various ways. It is the first cloud provider in Thailand with most global cloud service partners including Google Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Huawei, and VMware. Foreign cloud services and domestic cloud services are the two categories that make up the True cloud service IDC. Domestic cloud service is located in Thailand and includes private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud. In Thailand, this cloud is flexible, secure, fast, and reduces costs with technology that meet international standards. For organizations that want to store sensitive data locally, this cloud service is ideal. Foreign cloud service comes with outstanding service coverage but guarantees the quality of service that is superior to world-class standards.

According to your preference, you may opt for the above cloud server services in Thailand as they are very reliable.

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