how to calculate opportunity cost

How To Calculate Opportunity Cost?

Cost of opportunity is a comparison between one economic option and the next one. In macroeconomics, these contrasts typically emerge when we try to choose between investment choices. In this…

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Net working capital formula

Net Working Capital – Guide, Examples, and Impact on Cash Flow

Simply defined, the gap between current and present-day liabilities of a firm in the balance sheet is the Net Working Capital formula (NWC). It is a measure of the liquidity…

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unemployment rate formula

What Is Unemployment Rate Formula & How To Calculate It?

There has been a rise in the unemployment rate in most recent years. The ghost of unemployment is haunting us because of the pandemic. COVID-19 pandemic is serving as the…

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Cyclical Unemployment

Guide On Cyclical Unemployment: From Definition To Solutions

Unemployment is a major concern when it comes to the economy of any country. Unemployment crumbles down the workforce to the ground and thus, hollows down the aspirations, and dreams…

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