Boost your product shelf life by choosing the right desiccant


The primary concern is to look for a good quality of desiccant for packing the pharmaceutical products. Additionally, it is an essential part of the active packaging of the products in a better way. It boosts product quality and shelf life. 

Proper packaging and the use of pharma desiccants can reduce the moisture present in the products. Therefore, it increases the shelf life of the products. The bottle is helpful to give physical protection to the medicines from moisture. 

Generic desiccant is essential to get the best results while using in the packaging procedure. The desiccant manufacturer keeps a check to provide quality material that boosts the products’ shelf life, including medicines and food items. 

How to choose the desiccant that fits your purpose?

It is critical to understand the requirement desiccant. Therefore, you should choose the right thing that should fit your purpose. The most common desiccants prepared by the desiccant manufacturer include the molecular sieve and silica gel. 

There is a difference between the moisture absorption of the two desiccants, silica gel, and molecular sieve. On the other hand, the molecular sieve performs well in low humidity levels. Still, silica gel is not effective in the low levels of humidity. 

The two have similar moisture retention capabilities and in-room temperature 25°C and 40% relative humidity. Silica gel’s use is in the product packaging that needs to keep at a stable temperature with high relative humidity levels.

 Furthermore, its properties include stability and non-toxicity. It is among the valuable desiccant to pack the medicines. The pharma companies are making extensive use of this pharma desiccant

Molecular Sieve Properties & Uses 

Molecular Sieve turns out to become more aggressive and rapid in moisture absorption. It is beneficial to use the desiccant to pack the products that require immediate protection from moisture degradation. 

Molecular Sieve is stable during high temperatures. At that time, it performs well in the temperature due to its properties of high moisture retention. 

However, the specialists should use it carefully and put the correct amount of dose of the molecular sieve in the products. Desiccant manufacturers and packaging specialists should check the dosage of the molecular sieve to put in the packaging of the items. 

The selection of desiccant depends on the optimum results. Many testing parameters should take into consideration. Additionally, the list of the parameters includes a loss on drying (LOD), Moisture Adsorption Capacity (MAC) at the low and high-temperature levels.

There are such parameters that should consider it. Apart from that, other parameters include product type and product destination climate. Some inert products like the medical devices with diagnostic kits will remain compatible with packing using silica gel. 

Some thermal-sensitive medicines provide protection, and silica gel is beneficial to pack these kinds of drugs. The under and over desiccation that affects the lifespan of the products and efficacy formulation. 

Apart from that, the companies involved in the development and products packaging should ensure the appropriate technology use. They should consider using the proper form of absorbent technology for packing medical products and food items. 


The useful desiccants for the packing purpose are silica gel and molecular sieve. Moreover, the specialists involved in the packaging process of the essential items should make sure that they are effectively using these two desiccants. They have to consider the usage of the appropriate format of these kinds of adsorbents. Consider these essential requirements then, choose the right desiccant that should provide proper protection to the products for the packaging purposes in a better way. Pharma desiccant is popular to keep the medicines in the proper condition for long. For more information.

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