Bike Workshop Plans & Ideas: Drawer Storage and Setup

Bike Workshop

Do you have a garage or basement where you would want to set up a bike workshop? With so many drawer storage plans and ideas, it is easy to build your own bike workshop at your premises to showcase your bike mechanical skills.

Having storage for your Best bike workshop is essential, especially if you have limited space, to keep your tools and bike parts in order. A well-designed space can be used to store all your items, keeping your bike workshop tidy and clutter free.

Here are some of the drawer storage ideas that you can include in your bike workshop plan to make sure you have both an organised workspace and a neat storage to keep your tools and bike accessories.

1. Free Standing Racks / Drawer Towers:-

Whether your bike workshop is spread across an entire garage or part of a basement, keeping it organised is important. Every tool should have a specific place and you need to put it back in its place to avoid looking for them when you need them.

And the best way to organise tools in your best bike workshop is to add free standing racks or drawer towers. These storage units are available in a number of widths and heights.

So you can pick the one suitable for your workshop. Whether it’s your spare bolts, wrenches, spanners, or Allen keys. you can easily store them in these free standing racks. The transparent drawers let you see the items inside without opening the units. 

Bike Workshop
Free Standing Racks /Drawer Towers

2. Portable drawer storage:-

A simple and cost-effective solution to keep your tools and accessories, particularly if you have limited space, is portable drawer storage. And because they are lightweight and fixed with castors for movement, you can simply move the drawer storage from one place to another.

If you have tools that are needed at different types of workspaces, portable drawer storage units are the best solution.

Bike Workshop
Portable drawer storage

3. Wall mounting storage:-

Having a bike workshop means that you end up accumulating a lot of spare parts and miscellaneous items, whether it’s spare bolts, tubes, wheels and tires. You can install wall mounting drawers and keep the components.

Using a different box for a different item which is a good way of keeping them organised. Wall mounting storage units are sturdy and come with either shelves or pull-out drawers.

Bike Workshop
Wall mounting storage

4. Desk standing / Under desk drawer storage:-

For your workspace, you would need a bench to work on. Instead of cluttering your wrench set, pliers, chain tools, and air pumps under your workbench, you can install an under desk drawer storage that will take care of most needs. These boxes work really well if you work from a desktop or workbench.

Bike Workshop
Desk standing / Under desk drawer storage

5. Tilt drawer storage:-

If the storage units are too tall and hard to reach, proper slide and tilt drawer storage units will make your life much easier. These are ideal to keep your assortment of bike-specific tools, and other components.

Tilt drawer storage units are placed on rails for safety and to make sure that items do not fall from the higher shelves. 

Bike Workshop
Tilt drawer storage

There are Space and storage are two key components when you are setting up a bike workshop. If you need drawer storage units to improve storage space in a business bike workshop, visit our website and take a look at the different storage drawer options.

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