Best high-street places that buy laptops

When it comes to selling your laptop on the high-street, there’s no shortage of places that buy laptops. To ensure that you get the most money for your old gadget, it’s worth considering which high-street tech exchange shop offers the best prices. 


On the UK high-streets, there are two main contenders: CeX and Cash Converters. These are the two shops that we’ll compare in this article in terms of the benefits of dealing with each company and the prices they offer.


This company has been a leading player in the tech-retail industry for many years, and despite having a ton of negative reviews online, CeX are obviously doing something right. 


Many people have visited CeX, and many will attest from experience that they are easy to deal with in the sense that you can take a bunch of unwanted tech and DVDs, dump them on the counter, and they will give you money for them. 


The kind of money you receive, though, is not going to make you rich. For many people, trading in old tech at CeX is a form of recycling, and instead of throwing the items away, they opt to get some cash for them.


If you’re in need of money, CeX might not be the place for you to sell your old laptop. You’ll almost certainly be offered less than the item is worth, because CeX are out to make a profit, after all. They do guarantee that they will buy most items, however, as long as they are in good working condition. 

Cash Converters

Cash Converters is another high-street name that every British person surely recognises. Their business model is similar to that of CeX, but it is different in various important ways. 


The biggest – and arguably the best – difference between the two retailers is the fact that Cash Converters enable you to place your goods on ‘buy back’. This means that if you want to sell your laptop because you need quick cash, you can use the buy back option at Cash Converters as a kind of loan. 


Your property acts as collateral for the loan, so if you failed to pay the money back, you would lose your gadget. If you planned to sell the gadget anyway, then this wouldn’t matter to you. Although, the prices you receive for items at Cash Converters reflect the fact that you are able to buy your property back.


As a result, you can end up getting significantly less for your items if you don’t decide to buy them back within the allotted time-frame. 


In terms of deciding who is the best out of these two retailers, it would depend on the individual and what they’re trying to achieve. For example, if you have an old laptop that you no longer want or really care about, CeX can be great for a quick, guaranteed sale. 


If you could benefit more from a loan, using your laptop as collateral, then Cash Converters would be the way to go. If you simply want to sell your laptop, but you want the most money possible, CeX pays the most in almost all circumstances due to reasons discussed.

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