Apply For A 190 Skilled Visa To Gain More Work Experience in Australia

visa subclass 190

If you want to permanently live and work in Australia, the skilled nominated visa subclass 190 is for you. In this article, you will know about all 190 visa requirements, like eligibility criteria and application procedure. You will get a complete document checklist, know 190 Visa processing time and costs. Get an overview of 190 Visa conditions and know all about bringing your family to Australia on visa 190.

Eligibility Criteria

You can apply for the Skilled nominated visa subclass 190 if you :

  • Are under 45 years of age
  • Is a professional listed in the occupation list?
  • Have a positive skill assessment.
  • Score a minimum of 65 points on the score table.
  • Are nominated by an Australian state or territory.
  • Are invited by Australian state or territory authorities to apply for the 190 visa Australia

Application Procedure

If you match the above criteria, you can apply for a visa subclass 190 in the following process.

Submit An Expression Of Interest

To get nominated, you need to let the authorities know that you are keen on getting an Adelaide 190 visa by submitting an expression of interest (EOI).
To do this:

  • Open an account on Skillselect.
  • Provide personal information
  • Include work experiences and qualifications.
  • Submit the EOI

The EOI will be saved for two years and can be updated before you are invited to apply if need be.

Score 65 Points

You will get an overall score after completing your EOI. This score is based on your provided information regarding qualification, and you can see the point reached. It should come to 65 to get a nomination.

Receive Nomination

After this, the State and Territory government authorities would see your EOI and nominate you for the skilled migration visa 190.

Get Invitation To Apply for a 190 Visa

Post nomination, you will receive an invitation from the Department of Home Affairs, and then you will be able to submit the 190 visa application.

File Application for Adelaide 190 visa

Post invitation, you need to apply for the visa within 60 days of receiving the invitation. You can submit your application on the immiAccount webpage. You need to prepare your documents before submitting the application.

Document Checklist

190 skilled Visa application will require you to submit the following documents:

  • Copy of your valid passport pages.
  • Copy of Identity documents like national ID cards or similar identification
  • Form 80 and Form 1221 and other documents as proof of your character.
  • English language proficiency evidence
  • Expression of Interest documents.
  • Evidence of work experiences.
  • Educational Qualifications.
  • Evidence of professional experience in Australia.
  • Skill assessment report
  • If you are helped by someone, submit the form either form 956 or form 956a.

If your partner or spouse is relocating with you, they should submit the following documents:

  • Identity documents
  • Documents of relationship status
  • Marriage certificate
  • Proof of their English competency

If your family members are below 18, you need to produce the following documents:

  • Proof of dependency
  • Identity documents
  • Statutory declaration
  • Birth certificate
  • For your dependents over 18:
  • Form 47a
  • Parental consent form 1229
  • Proof of a functional English

Processing Time

A 190 visa application takes one year and four months to get processed. Some applications might get processed in a year and two months. A complete application should be submitted for faster processing.


The 190 skilled immigration visa is AUD4, 115

Two additional fees need to be paid for each of your family members.

  • AUD4, 890: A second installment fee for each family member over 18 without a functional level of English.
  • Extra charges for each family member you apply for Visa
    190 with.

Conditions Of 190 Visa

Different states have different 190 visa conditions. These will change according to the state which nominated you initially. However, you would need to work for at least two years in that state or territory for most states and territories. If this condition is violated, though the status of your current visa will not be affected, you are most likely not to receive another Australian visa. It is best to take state-specific professional guidance regarding this. For example, for Adelaide, get in touch with an Immigration Agent in Adelaide to get proper guidance.

Changing States On 190 Visa

Even if you are nominated by a state for the visa, you might change state under 190 visa. However, you should work in the specific state for a minimum of two years. If you breach this agreement, it will impact your visa applications and citizenship application in the future if you want to be an Australian citizen.

Skilled Occupation List and Skills Assessment

All the professions that are eligible for you to work in with an Australian work visa are compiled in the skilled occupation list. Your profession must be mentioned in a category listed here for you to get nominated. The official authorities who can conduct your skill assessment will also be found here.

You will get your skills to report after your evaluation. Submission of a certified copy of the report is required with your application.
You must note that your assessment report should be at least three years old during your visa application. Reports issued for a shorter period should not be expired during application. You can also apply for a skilled independent visa subclass 189 if you are eligible to apply.

Bringing Family Members With a Visa 190

Close family members, including your partner, children, or grandchildren, are eligible to apply with you for a 190 visa. They might apply with you at the same time or join you at a later date.
All your family members meet the health requirements, character requirements, and English language requirements

Traveling on a 190 Visa

The 190 Skilled Visa is a permanent resident visa; you need to have a resident return visa (RRV) – 155/157 after five years to travel from Australia. This will provide you additional five years of travel facility attached to your 190 skilled visas.
You might not be allowed to enter Australia as a permanent resident again if you don’t have an RRV when traveling after five years.

Closing Thoughts

A skilled 190 visa has many nuances and details when it comes to submitting it. Getting services from an experienced immigration agent in Adelaide will make your visa application procedure faster and smoother.

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