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SERP data


How do you usually extract SERP data and mine search engine information? Do you know any premium quality SERP data API or SERP tracker? Or do you perform manual SERP scraping? Which one is more economic: manual SERP scraping or automatic SERP APIs?

Manual SERP and web scraping is not possible as Google and other search engines block the user after a few number of searches. This limitation depends directly on the rules of the search engine you are working with. It may block you after 20 searches or less and more.

However restriction is not the only problem. The second issue is that that web scraping is a long process and may be accompanied with errors while automatic web scraping APIs have solved this problem and perform SERP scraping in real time and fast.

SERP data


SERP API is any kind of tool which can perform SERP scraping in minutes and with no latency. SERP APIs extract the data that the user requests from Google, Yahoo and other search engines. It bypasses the restrictions and does SERP scraping rapidly.

SERP API of All-SERP  is one of these services ready to mine search engines and provide the data you need in real time and immediately. It has bulk SERP and web scraping services with no error, no latency and no block.

All-SERP quality results, high speed and no restriction have encouraged many users across the globe to know All-SERP SERP scraping services as the best SERP API of the market. Some of the main web scraping tools of All-SERP are introduced in this article.


Google image search API of All-SERP

All-SERP Google image search API finds the images data that the user has asked in minutes. You may need the images data related to a key word or thousands of key words. All is done instantly.

Google image search API of All-SERP

Google videos search API of All-SERP

All-SERP has a professional Google video search API through which any kind of video can be extracted from Google. This tool is also rapid and needs only a few minutes to complete the requests. Results are available in raw HTML, CSV or parsed JSON.

Google videos search API of All-SERP

Google SERP position API

If you need the data related to the position of websites in Google, you can use the Google SERP position API or Google tracker of All-SERP. Clean and structured results are ready immediately.


Google maps search API

Maps, locations and routes of any country and city across the globe can be extracted from Google to be used in your websites and applications. All programing languages are supported.

Google knowledge graph & local data SERP APIs

All-SERP can extract the information saved in local data part of Google and the data of companies in Google knowledge graphs in JSON, HTLM or CSV outputs. Real time data in flexible plans is ready uptime.

Other Google services of All-SERP!

In addition to the mentioned services, All-SERP has other tools like Google news search API, Google events search API, Google ads search API, Google shopping search AP, and etc.

All-SERP supports various search engines!

All-SERP APIs cover Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex and ask search engines too. Google is not the only supported search engine. With the help of All-SERP, extract data from all famous search engines easily, rapidly and accurately. For more information you can also read

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