Bulk SMS has come to provide incredible advantages to e-commerce businesses and online stores. Instead of both these platforms, even all types of businesses need this service to approach their targeted customers. Bulk SMS has created a good impact on businesses and given them the results all the time. So, therefore having so many advantages and services available to all these services has become most important in order to approach businesses’ target customers. The businesses are adopting services of bulk SMS to approach their customers and business partners as well.

The services of bulk SMS have become an integral part of the services of e-commerce and online stores. However, such businesses will not be able to communicate with the customers because bulk SMS is the only service that is inexpensive and all of the customers are active on this service.

Below we have given the top advantages of Bulk SMS Service for E-Commerce businesses or online stores. Countries like India are suggesting their business partners be part of this service of bulk SMS and serve them better to their targeted audience.

What is bulk SMS for E-Commerce Businesses?

Bulk SMS for e-commerce is a messaging service that is used by online stores in order to communicate with their customers. Businesses can inform their customers about any update or their purchased items through bulk SMS. This service of bulk SMS is a mass communication service by these businesses and individuals can communicate to a large number of people at a time. The services of bulk SMS are universal and almost all businesses can use this service of bulk SMS. 


The service of bulk SMS is being used by thousands of e-commerce businesses all over the world. Being a universal service this has come on the top and businesses are adopting this service in a big number. Moreover, the e-commerce website can communicate through bulk SMS with their targeted audience in a comprehensive way. 

When a customer books an item from a particular e-commerce website he/ she expects good service all the time. So, in this case, the companies use bulk SMS to continuously update the customers about that booked item. 

  • The online stores/ e-commerce websites let their customers know where they have booked items. Which can be tracked by customers through a link.
  • Confirmation of booking the particular item with its description.
  • Arriving date, time and communicational address.
  • Suggesting them other items by matching their purchased history.
  • Providing them offers and coupons to purchase your service or products.

So, having all these advantages of bulk SMS has made e-commerce websites continuously communicate with their customers. This is one of the easiest and most used services that has helped people. The users do not have to install any application to communicate with businesses. The users will receive all the information on the phones that they are carrying with them 24/7. If you are looking for bulk sms in bangalore, GetItSMS is reliable bulk sms service providers in bangalore, India

What are the Advantages of Bulk SMS Service for an E-commerce Website?

When you come to choose the service of bulk SMS you meet with so many advantages of this service.

Inexpensive: The service of bulk SMS is the cheapest service that can be afforded by any business.

Easy: Businesses do not have to make so many afford to send them information. The service of bulk SMS can be used by any person whether he/ she is a technical or non-technical person.

Mass Communication Channel: This is a mass communication channel like other mass communication mediums such as tv, radio and print media. 

No App Required: The companies that are using bulk SMS for their service or product to be sold, therefore, they do not have to ask them, customers, to install any application. The messages are sent directly on the customer’s phone. 

Effective: The service of bulk SMS is more effective compared to email marketing and other such services. Bulk SMS is read quickly as you share with your customers.

ROI: You get “return on your investment” whatever you have spent on your business that gives results of it. However, your messages are read by the customers when you use some tips and tricks before sending your message.

Using tricks and tips is one of the best strategies which will give you the results of your sent messages. Most of the time the business fails to communicate with the targeted audience.

98% Open Rate: The information, updates and messages that you send to your customers are read within three minutes of sending. You do not have to worry whether your messages are being read or not.

High Readability: Your customers read all your messages and open them instantly as they receive the message. One of the reasons is that bulk SMS allows you to write short messages and you have to say everything effectively in 160 characters. These short messages let the customers read the messages that you send them.

Customize The SMS: As a business, you can customize your messages before communicating with your customers. Who are you looking for? If your target audience is age-wise, gender-wise or location wise you send messages according to them. There are so many businesses that look for a particular group of people to send messages to. 

Having thousands of advantages makes the service one of the most popular and best surviving ever. The businesses like e-commerce are top users of this service and this service is an integral part of them. However, the service of bulk SMS is being used by all e-commerce businesses and online stores also. Therefore, the only reason is that bulk SMS is super easiest and is most used by every person. 

Mobile phones are another one of the biggest reasons behind Bulk SMS Service for E-Commerce. Almost every single person in the world has a phone with them 24/7 which makes the businesses send messages to their customers.

Final Thought

In the last, we would suggest that you must be using this service of bulk SMS to communicate with our customers. Businesses like e-commerce and online stores have scope to communicate with the targeted customers. With so many incredible advantages they can explain and keep updating their customers all the time. The best thing about this service is that you can build trust and image in your customers by spending less amount, time and effort.

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