A Guide to Online Employee Attendance Trackers

In the past, remote work was available only in certain sectors and many remote workers were considered contractors or self-employed. Now, an estimated one in four Americans works from home.

For many businesses, this is uncharted territory. For many employees, the change isn’t always easy. What can you do as the boss to ensure that things stay on track?

One option is to use employee attendance trackers. How does this work? Why is it one of the best options for remote employers?

Read on to learn more about tracking attendance online with employee attendance trackers.

What Is an Employee Attendance Tracker?

When everyone came to the same location, tracking attendance was simple. An employee was either at work or they weren’t. Now, it’s harder to ensure that your remote employees are “attending” work by spending an appropriate amount of time each day working on their designated projects and assignments.

Different employee attendance trackers utilize different methods. Picking one should come down to what would make the most sense for your company. For example, do you want to ensure that employees are on the line during phone conferences? If so, a phone-based attendance tracker would work best.

Another popular alternative is the screen capture method. At certain times of the day, this system captures an image of your employees’ work computer screens to give you a sense of what they’re working on.

What Are the Benefits of Using Employee Attendance Trackers?

One of the biggest benefits of employee attendance trackers is that it makes remote work feasible. Your employees are the most important asset to your business; if they’re not staying focused, your business isn’t going to function. In fact, you can find out more about the ROI of using employee attendance trackers in this article.

Another major benefit of using employee attendance trackers is that they can help to streamline things like payroll. Rather than having employees self-report their hours each week, you can simply collect them on a day-to-day basis.

Finally, and this is a big one, employee attendance trackers solve an obvious issue (not knowing if your employees are working throughout the day) without becoming intrusive. We’ve seen some companies try tactics like asking people to leave their webcams on all day, even when meetings aren’t in progress. The downside of a tactic like this is that it makes employees uncomfortable and feels a lot like micromanaging.

Employee attendance trackers are not intrusive. They grant employees the freedom they desire while ensuring that the job is still getting done.

Tracking Employee Attendance Isn’t Impossible in the Digital Age

Remote work is more common now than ever before and some employers have valid concerns. With employee attendance trackers, you can ensure that your employees are staying on task without creating new issues.

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