A Guide to Buying Amazon UPC Codes (2021 Update)

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The UPC code and its implications should be familiar to you as an Amazon seller. For sellers to list their products, Amazon requires a unique product code (also called a UPC code).

The global UPC standard is produced by GS1. Barcodes are a key element of supply chains. The global standard for barcoding is called GS1 (Global Standard 1).

UPC codes are provided by GS1 US to US-based businesses, but more than 100 GS1 organizations exist worldwide. Brand owners are provided with unique prefixes by GS1 in order to create their own barcodes using the prefixes GS1 gave them.

Learn how to buy UPC codes for Amazon in 2021 as well as Amazon’s policies regarding UPC codes.

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How does a GTIN work?

In contrast to a product barcode, a GTIN identifies individual products. An GTIN is comprised of a GS1 US company prefix and a unique product number, plus a check digit to ensure that it is correctly created.

There are various barcode types for GTINs, including:

1 and 2.      UPCs (unique product codes) are also available.

  1. The European Article Number (EAN) is another option.

Each product should have a unique GTIN, and you should assign a GTIN to each variation of an item.

When listing multi-pack products, keep in mind that Amazon requires a separate UPC, as well as an item package quantity in most categories. Bundles (and special offers) typically consist of a variety of items (not multiples of the same item); therefore, each bundle needs a distinctive UPC (or EAN). You can find more information about product bundles and how products are defined at Amazon’s Product Bundling Policy.

With a GTIN and a UPC code, you can sell goods worldwide. A GS1 GTIN, an EAN and a UPC barcode are the only global barcodes officially available from GS1.

What is a UPC Code?

Originally, product barcodes were referred to as UPC codes. UPC codes can be divided into two types: UPC-E and UPC-A. As a whole, UPC-A and UPC-E are identical; however, UPC-E doesn’t contain 0s. As a result, the 0s will only be visible within the corresponding GTIN, not within the barcode itself.

US and Canadian retailers use UPC barcodes primarily. Most countries outside of the United States and Canada use EANs instead of UPCs, despite being able to scan and read UPC codes.

As supply and demand increased in Europe, Asia, and Australia, it was necessary to differentiate between sellers based on location. A number of GS1 member organizations were then assigned specific prefixes.

GS1 prefixes identify the GS1 branch in which they were granted a license, but they do not always identify the country of manufacture. American-made products are typically believed to have barcode prefixes that begin with either a zero or a one, for example

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