7 steps to make an eCommerce launch in 2022

steps to make an eCommerce launch

How to launch an eCommerce brand? Here are a few steps that you should know and follow. 

  1. Choose the name, domain and logo

Choosing a good name for your brand is essential to attracting your target audience. It is important that both the name and the domain (the address of the web page) are short, easy to remember and that they can be easily written.

To help us achieve a good position in search engines, such as Google, for example, it is interesting that the domain contains some of our keywords.

In addition to the name and domain, you must pay special attention to your brand logo, as it is the business card of your business and conveys authority and trust to your customers. Do not forget to give visibility to your logo on the page of your virtual store!

  1. Establish a Content Management System (CMS)

CMS (Content Management System) is software that allows us to manage the contents of our store, from publishing to editing and changing the visual appearance, through various design templates.

In addition to content, we can also manage products and users and link them in the form of a shopping cart.

  1. Purchase a hosting option

Choosing a good hosting company guarantees a good connection speed, which is key to excellent search engine positioning.

If the page is very slow and takes more than X seconds to load, then it is penalized by Google and ends up at the bottom of the search results.

A hosting company also ensures you enough space so you can promote your products or services. In addition, it is practically the only investment you have to make to create your eCommerce!

So don’t be stingy, look for a company that offers you a good hosting service and peace of mind so you can take your business forward.

You might want to check out Elementor. A WordPress website builder, Elementor features built-in cloud hosting features. That way, you can build a WordPress-based online store and have it hosted in the same spot.

  1. Personalize and organize your products in the virtual store

Users must have access to the list of products or services you offer. The more information you make available to your customers, the better! But no hype or useless information.

Adding photos, methods of use, details, advantages and facilities that your product or service brings is essential.

When working with a wholesaler, they may offer a catalogue of the products in a format for you to automatically upload to your store page.

However, it is of the utmost importance that you personalize the texts so that users do not see the same thing on your site that they have already seen on other e-commerce.

In addition, that influences the positioning in search engines. So be original and creative when exposing your products to your audience!

  1. Define the means of payment

There are various payment methods for online transactions. The ideal is that you offer the greatest number of options for your customers because, in a virtual store, you work with a very varied public.

Thus, you minimize abandonment rates and guarantee more sales for your business.

Bank transfer, credit card, integrated systems, payment on delivery, all these are means of payment with which you have to count. You also have to give your public the possibility of paying in cash at payment centres.

There are also reliable alternative solutions that do not require technical knowledge, since they are very easy to install, and they greatly facilitate the implementation and integration of the payment gateway, as is the case with the Paypal gateway.

The only thing is that it charges us a fee, which is quite high, for each transaction made.

  1. Carry out a content marketing strategy

Many actions will help you bring your brand to your target audience. Creating a blog that deals with issues related to your industry help your customers identify and solve their problems.

Making a Content Marketing strategy is a good way to make your business more and more known, as it contributes by attracting traffic to the store. In addition, you can use the blog to promote offers and discounts.

You can also send advertising emails highlighting products and offers. For that, you can count on the help of automation tools and email marketing strategies. A good marketing campaign is essential to make your business successful!

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