7 Simple Secrets to Totally Rocking Your Cigarette Boxes

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Cigarette boxes in Australia don’t have anything appealing due to state regulations. Tobacco brands constantly look for something creative to present something distinctive. They are not even allowed to print their logo on the packaging. If you have some tips to get rocking boxes under these restrictions, it is the right place. Here are some secret guidelines you can use to make your packages rocking.

Use Rigid Stock

Using rigid cardboard stock to manufacture a cigarette box is secret advice to help you in many ways. When you don’t have many ways to impress the customers, presenting your quality through packaging is essential. Rigid cardboard stock is considered the best material in the packaging industry.

It is sturdy and thick enough to showcase you care about quality. This advice will not disturb the overall look that must be simple as per government regulations. People will understand how impressive the standard of packaging is when they grab your package in their hands. It will be a significant indicator of your quality and distinguish your business from other brands as well.

Metallic Foiling Looks Premium

It is beneficial to use metallic foil when the design of custom blank Cigarette Boxes is regulated strictly. You cannot use the customization options on these packages. The color scheme of packaging is also regulated. So, using metallic foil is beneficial. Although, you still have to follow the brown color scheme announced by the government.

But the premium nature of metallic foil can help you present a high standard of your business. It is beneficial for you to use this foil in attractive colors inside the packaging. These foils are associated with luxury that can enhance the overall perceived standard of your packaging.

Select Sleeve Packaging Style

Changing the shape of cheap blank cigarette boxes is not allowed, so you can use sleeve packaging that looks simple yet premium. The form of these packages can remain rectangular as per regulations. You can add sleeves to the packaging to show your luxurious nature. Wondering why it is beneficial for your brand?

An extra layer is helpful for safety purposes. It also shows how much you care about keeping the products in the best possible conditions before customers get them. But you will still use graphics on the sleeves as directed by the state.

Creative Use Of Spot Uv

Using spot UV coating on cigarette boxes can help you impress customers. You can even use it to highlight warning graphics on packaging so the government would have no issues. Spot UV coating will still be helpful to make a difference between you and other brands on the retail shelves.

It is not beneficial to use the best blank cigarette boxes that don’t have anything different. But simple packages with something different can present your standard.

Choose Magnetic Closure Box

Magnetic closure blank cigarette packaging can do wonders for your business. Magnetic closures are placed inside the packaging, so there is no issue in changing the overall simple look of boxes as directed by the government.

It will help in presenting the rich standard of your business to customers. It will help your consumers in opening and closing the lid. Its combination with rigid cardboard stock works well. As a result, you will design something distinctive for your consumers.

Choose A Double Encasement Structure

Double encasement of custom blank cigarette packaging is helpful for you to impress the customers. Adding an extra layer of cardboard will not disturb the simple outer look of the box as directed by the government. It will help your loyal customers notice how much you are focusing on the quality and safety of the product. As a result, you will retain the loyal ones and encourage positive word of mouth as well.

High-Quality Printing Is Essential

High standard printing is what you need to focus on blank cigarette boxes in Australia. You cannot use fascinating graphics or even simple ones. It is only the warning labels and pictures you are going to print on empty cigarette boxes. So why using high-resolution printing technology beneficial? People will consider your brand as poor quality product manufacturer if you use substandard printing. Printing quality is an indicator of your brand’s standard.

It is not easy to be creative with cigarette boxes, especially in Australia. You have to follow regulations directed by the government in terms of design and warning labels. However, there is still room to impress your customers and be different. These were some of the best ways by which you can make these packages rocking.

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