7 SEO Metrics That Actually Matter (And 4 That Don’t)

Do you know the difference between the front-running websites on Google and the rest? 

Well, the successful ones are those who have a track of their SEO metrics. This makes a digital marketing agency dubai distinguished from the pack.

SEO metrics are the direct indicators of success and failure. They help you perceive if your SEO campaign is working or not. Some run productively, aid you with beneficial returns, while some simply consume your hard work without assisting you to gain better results. 

Thus, knowing which one to focus on, which metrics to track, and which to ignore will help you a lot in achieving a higher level of success in the competitive SEO arena. Below are 7 SEO metrics that are worth tracking and monitoring and 4 that you should not waste your time on.

Valuable SEO Metrics To Track 

  • Organic Visitors & Conversions

A good amount of organic traffic is the strongest indicator of a successful SEO campaign. Tracking organic sessions and visitor conversion rates over time helps you perform even better. You can do it simply by Google Analytics. 

  • Key Phrase Rankings & Search Visibility

The number of organic traffic on your website is directly interrelated to the keywords you choose. Thus, keep an eye on your Google keyword rankings to figure out the success rate of your ongoing SEO campaign. 

  • Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) is strictly taken into account by Google. Thus, you should focus on it too. Check your domain authority every month to improve it and obtain more backlinks and referring domains. You can also hire the best digital marketing company in dubai to do the job. 

  • Indexed Pages

Track your indexed and top-performing pages to know your traffic source with the best Dubai SEO Agency. Check which pages are performing well and giving you more traffic so that you can focus on improving them more. 

  • Index Protection Error

Even a minor error in your listed pages can hamper your traffic flow. Keep track of your Index Protection Errors and understand Each status including error, warning valid, and excluded to maintain the flow of organic traffic.

  • Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are the most important, speed metrics which work as a part of Google’s Page Experience indications. You can track this metric to measure your site’s page loading speed, responsiveness, visual constancy, and overall user experience.

  • Website Well Being

If you want your SEO campaign to perform well, maintaining a responsive, engaging, and error-free website is crucial. Track your site’s well-being from time to time to fox the broken links, bugs, website performance, content quality, and overall structure.

Metrics To Ignore 

  • Bounce Rate

Bounce rate indicates the percentage of visitors on your website that come for a single-time engagement and leave. It’s not necessary to spend your time tracking such users, of course. 

  • Exit Rate

Exit rate stands for the percentage of website visitor sessions that conclude on a particular page. A high exit rate doesn’t always mean your website is performing poorly. It also means the visitor has received what he/she was looking for.

  • Pages Per Session

Just like exit rate, you can optimize your user experience by tracking the average session length per page. However, this metric comes with excessive variables at play which makes it unreliable to focus on. 

  • Average Session Length

This metric is used for tracking These metrics the level of engagement your visitors are getting from your pages. However, it is a completely time-based metric and not worth investing much effort in.

Concluding Lines

Concluding, measuring the success of your applied strategies is one of the hardest parts of any SEO campaign – yet very much essential. Not just to evaluate your competency as an SEO professional but also to measure the success of your website, SEO tracking is crucial. 

Knowing which metrics to track and focus on helps you get the best value for your money and efforts, which boosts the success rate of your SEO campaign. 

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