7 Fantastic Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Business

Video Marketing

Content marketing is three times more efficient in generating leads than outbound marketing. Sometimes, blog posts and eBooks aren’t enough, though. Instead, consider wowing your target audience with video content this year. 

Over 60% of marketers plan on increasing their video marketing. About 72% of consumer web traffic is generated through video content, too.

With wow-worthy videos, you can attract and engage your target audience. You could start generating more leads and sales as a result.

On the fence? Here are seven amazing benefits of video marketing to consider first.

Discovering the many advantages of video marketing can help you make a more informed choice. You can find new ways to set your business up for growth and success, too.

Read on to discover the top reasons to use video marketing for your small business today!

  1. Boost Brand Visibility

If your business exists in a saturated market, it’s important to find ways to stand out. Otherwise, you could struggle to gain brand visibility. Without brand visibility, consumers might not realize your business exists.

If they don’t realize you exist, they’ll turn to your competitors instead.

In fact, nearly 60% of people prefer shopping from brands they recognize. The more they recognize your brand, the more they’ll buy from you. 

Unfortunately, it can take five impressions in front of a single consumer to generate brand awareness. You’ll only have seven seconds to make that first impression count, too.

One of the benefits of video marketing is its ability to help you boost brand visibility. You can even give your brand a face and voice people will start to recognize.

As people continue viewing your videos, you’ll start generating more and more brand awareness. Over time, awareness will become recognized. Consumers will even start to associate your brand with your offerings.

The next time they’re searching for your services or products, they’ll recall your branded videos.

Boosting your brand visibility with video content can help you remain top-of-mind with customers. As they learn more about your business, brand trust will grow. Fostering brand trust can help you generate more leads and sales.

A one-time shopper might even decide to become a loyal customer. Developing lasting relationships with customers can lead to repeat sales.

Generating repeat sales can improve your ROI, setting your business up to grow!

  1. Engage and Attract Your Audience

People tend to have short attention spans. They might skim through your website or glance at a blog post. In order to draw in an audience, you need to keep them engaged.

If you’re struggling to engage your audience, consider these reasons to use video marketing. Videos are easy for consumers to consume. 

In fact, consumers want to view more videos. Over 50% want video content from brands they love. 

Over 60% will purchase a product after watching a branded video on a social media network, too.

Give your customers what they want! You can create videos to generate curiosity toward your offerings. You can educate consumers about your products, services, and industry, too.

Using different video formats can help you engage customers in different ways. For example, you can provide useful tips and tricks with how-to videos.

You can use client testimonials to build brand trust.

Organizations can even create nonprofit videos to generate awareness or donations. 

One of the advantages of video marketing is it’s versatile. You can use videos on your blog, social media, or digital advertising campaigns. Adding videos across an omnichannel marketing strategy can help you attract more customers online.

  1. Improve SEO Rankings

Search engine optimization can help you rank higher on search engines. Higher search engine rankings can help you generate brand awareness. You can also rank ahead of competitors to generate web traffic and leads. 

Google now displays video content at the top of result pages as featured snippets. Featured snippets stand out from other organic listings.

You can use video content to boost your search engine rankings. As your rankings improve, consumers will have an easier time finding your business.

You could start generating more leads and sales as a result. 

  1. Demonstrate Your Credibility

Consumers prefer brands that are reliable, helpful, and credible. You can use video content to demonstrate your expertise. As people view your videos, they’ll recognize you as a knowledgeable resource.

They might start relying on your experience and expertise to make buying decisions.

Establishing yourself as a credible resource could help you become an industry thought leader. You’ll have an easier time generating brand trust, too. Once consumers trust you, they might decide to shop from your business.

Establishing your credibility could help you generate more leads and sales.

  1. Simplify Complex Ideas

Some concepts are difficult to explain through blog or social media posts. If you’re struggling to explain complex ideas, use video content. You can format your thoughts to make sure they’re easy to understand.

For example, you can use animations, how-tos, and graphics to explain complex concepts.

Otherwise, you might risk confusing your target audience.

  1. Go Viral

Consumers tend to share video content with their friends, family members, or online audiences. For example, someone might share a video on their favorite social media platform. As more people share your videos, you could go viral.

Going viral will help you expand your online reach. You’ll generate more brand visibility, website traffic, and leads as a result. 

  1. Generate Fresh Leads

One of the top benefits of video marketing is its ability to generate leads.

You can add an attention-grabbing, compelling call-to-action (CTA) to the end of your videos. YouTube also allows you to add links to your videos, simplifying the user experience. You can direct consumers straight to your landing pages, store, or contact page.

Generating more leads and sales will improve your ROI. You’ll have an easier time expanding your business as a result. 

Start Rolling: 7 Amazing Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Don’t miss the chance to grow your business this year! Instead, keep these benefits of video marketing in mind. With strong video content, you can expand your reach and generate more leads.

Set your business up for success with eye-catching, engaging videos today!

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