6 inspiring packaging designs for product that we use in the future

We live in a world where trends change in a matter of seconds, one minute something is super-trendy, at the top of the game and the next minute it’s something else. So trends keep changing and in order to keep up with them you have to maximize your creativity level, there is a lot you can do with plain boxes or boring packaging in order to make them interesting it requires a lot of effort.

Marketing plays a lead role in any business whether it is home-based or at a commercial level, no matter what you are selling you will need unique product packaging in order for your product to sell and for your company to become a profitable business.

If you are running a home-based business, it will be an easier option if you choose custom printed boxes for the sole purpose of marketing; your business will excel pretty quickly. These boxes are very trendy and due to the high consumer demand, they’ve been all over social media too in the last few years.


These are your basic and very simple boxes. The base of all those boxes; there are plainly solid-colored boxes (solid-color meaning one whole color), have very basic designs like stripes, circles or writing on them. These types of printed product packaging are mainly used in low-grade perfumes or any type of shoe boxes.

Pastel and doodle designs

Ah, Doodles. They’re small sized artwork; they can be inspired by a person, a place, or an event. Pastels designs are extremely beautiful and require skill to look eye-catching. Pastel and doodle product packaging are not extremely popular but beautiful and awesome looking on wholesale product boxes none the less.


vintage boxes are usually made out of wood and have engravings carved into the wood, designs by molding steel with wood (usually on top) or some skilled people can burn certain parts of the wood to make it look like a design. These product packaging boxes are normal costing to expensive depending on what type of wood they’re out of and how old they are.

Holographic effects

These boxes come with mirrors preinstalled into them so you can place your device which is playing a holographic video and the glass or plastic inside can reflect in a certain way to make a holographic effect. Usually, you have to look through a hole in the box to see the hologram. These boxes are expensive if you buy them but you can easily make them yourself.

Printed textured ombre packaging

Don’t know what ‘ombre’ design is? Don’t worry I got you! They’re normal colored glass bottles or steel perfume bottles, but they have a fading away effect to them as they color either goes up or down. These types of printed product boxes are widely used in female beauty products, lotion bottles and sometimes in a body spray or perfume bottles. They look very pretty and eye-catching.

3D effects

Doesn’t everybody love 3D design boxes and printed product boxes? They’re cool and eye-catching. These boxes allow designers to make real-life looking artwork, for example, an apple popping out of the box or a shark coming towards you. Some of these boxes also require 3d glasses to give you the full-effect

Where can you buy the best boxes?

Wholesale boxes

This is every businessman’s secret, it’s the perfect way to design the boxes of your dreams while saving yourself a fortune of cash. Wholesale product boxes are just like your regular product boxes but they are way cheaper and you get to customize them.

If you agree to buy wholesale product boxes there are a lot of perks and one of the perks is customization. Since wholesale products are prepared as per your order you have all the freedom to design, print and customize what you like.

Speaking of the matter if you are getting a couple of customizations done, you can totally go for custom printed product boxes, these boxes have become an internet sensation in the last few years and as the culture continues to grow, you will see a lot of different types of custom printed product boxes.

Retail store boxes

If you are looking for a box or two you can always take a stroll across your neighborhood mall and take look at all the shops that deal with any sort of boxes, there you will be bombarded with much different type of boxes from; printed product boxes to neon product packaging, they will have it all.

There are pros and cons to everything and one of the downfalls of buying boxes from retail stores is not being able to customize what you want, the lack of customizations is a total bummer. There will be a lot of options when it comes to printed product boxes but once again you will have to buy whatever is available.

Online shopping

We’re living in the internet generation where everything is easily available online, so it is safe to say that you can buy customized printed product boxes online. There are so many websites that deal with boxes; you just have to look for the right ones. Just beware of the scams on the internet.

When you are placing an order online you will have certain options that you can select from and there you can maximize your creativity level and design the product boxes that will break the internet. If you ever run out of ideas you can always browse your social media and look at some ideas, further on those to make them original.

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