6 Creative Ways to Improve Your Gummies Packaging

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CBD gummies are sweet and chewy edible candies, containing a particular percentage of cannabidiol as a basic ingredient. Soon after the legalization of cannabis, there has been a significant increase in the demand for its product among consumers. CBD gummies are often used for recreational or medicinal purposes and are known to provide several health benefits. However, to promote your products more effectively in the market, you need to create a perfect packaging design that grabs customer attention in seconds. As the cannabis industry is in its initial design phase so creating a remarkable product identity and a refreshing brand image can help you in going through the competition more smoothly. For this, you might have to conduct a deep analysis of current market trends, innovational changes, and different possibilities of being creative in the field. Here we are going to explore 8 interesting ways to improve your CBD gummies packaging:

Use the Classic Cannabis Symbol more creatively:

A lot of cannabis brands use the traditional cannabis symbol on their CBD gummies boxes but many of them stylize it in a way to make people remember your brand for a long. For example, Bionnico uses a typical leaf symbol but Lazarus Naturals has shown its creativity by introducing a twist to make it a logo. You are not wrong either way, but creativity will grab customer attention more quickly and put a long-lasting impression on their mind.  The same is the case with CBD gummy packaging. Being more creative will upsurge your business sales. Another effective way is to add pharmaceutical symbols to show the health benefits of the product. As many people are still skeptical about the use of CBD mainly because of its bad connotation with recreational marijuana use, so they fail to realize that marijuana and cannabis are not the same even if they are derived from the same plant. It is better to use pharmaceutical symbols like the Red Cross or the Bowl of Hygeia etc. to make customers clear about the product benefits.

Use Informative Labels Highlighting the Health Benefits:

Creating CBD gummy packaging that primarily focuses on health benefits is the best way to establish your brand name in the market. Your labels should be clear and highlight whether the product is for pain, depression, anxiety, or anything else. You may add a CBD molecular formula too as it works well with other medical symbols. The demand for CBD gummies is increasing in the market. Consumers are in the search of well-designed packages that delivers all the necessary details about the product. CBD gummy boxes can perform exceptionally in this regard. All you have to do is to design them according to legal requirements. Use informative labels that clearly state the name and percentage of the ingredients, directions to use, manufacturing and expiry dates, and net content weight, etc.  Some cannabis manufacturers also love including details like the brand story or the production process etc. to arouse the customer interest in their products.

Leverage the Green Color:

The green color is linked to something organic and natural. This makes it a good choice for creating CBD gummies packaging. . Most of the brands go for choosing this color to show that their products are natural and give plenty of health benefits. You may also use green color as your branding theme or create a combination with white to make customers recognize your products easily. As green color works well for gummy boxes, the use of colorful labels and multicolored bottle caps may also grab consumer attention instantly. The attractive colors of gummies as well as their labels create a sense of fun and delicate taste.

Choose Minimalism:

When it comes to creating CBD gummy packaging or for any other cannabis product; going a minimalistic way is a wonderful idea. This is because minimalism adds elegance to your product display making it more recognizable in the crowd. In today’s competitive market where retail shelves are loaded with hundreds similar looking products, being different is necessary to stand out. The days of bold color packaging with excessive patterns are gone. Now the customers are searching for sleek and elegant designs to provide a soothing effect. Minimalism indicates that your product is natural and good in quality.

Include Some Fun Elements:

With the change in design trends over the past few decades, CBD manufacturers have moved towards introducing fun elements in their cannabis packaging. It may include funny and interesting taglines punching words like ‘banish bad moods’ or labels that look quirky and catchy. Most of the time, introducing fun elements in your CBD gummy packaging can help the brand in giving a competitive advantage to your brand over others.

Go for Sustainable Boxes:

Going green is a good way to set your CBD gummies apart from competitors. The customers these days are looking more towards sustainable packages. Eco-friendliness does not only benefit the planet but it is also advantageous for your pocket. Making sustainable packages will help you in extending your reach. For CBD gummies, you may use glass jars, biodegradable plastic containers, cardboard boxes, eco-friendly pouches, or anything else which protects your products and also the planet. The best part about a sustainable wholesale packaging design is that you can mix up the elements easily. Most of them work well together. For example, you can go for a green-colored label with an amusing tagline or a CBD illustration. Use pharmaceutical symbols and put it all in an eco-friendly package to make your brand stand out.

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