5 Reasons Why You Need a Search Marketing Service

Did you know that by combining organic SEO and PPC ads you can boost your number of clicks by 25% and profits by 27%?

Imagine your stock flying off the shelves or hundreds of new sign-ups for your online course rolling in. That’s a lot of business growth you don’t want to miss out on!

Whatever it is that you sell, to get the best results with your SEO and PPC campaigns, it’s wise to hire a search marketing service to handle them for you.

Why is this the smart thing to do? Read on to learn everything you need to know. 

  1. Helps Establish and Maintain Brand Credibility 

Engaging in ethical, white-hat SEO practices is a great way to establish credibility and build brand authority over time. 

Search engines are constantly updating and working to bring the most relevant content to searchers. Black-hat SEO practices that were very popularized in the past as a way to increase in rank as quickly as possible are no longer effective and actually ruin your online reputation. 

By utilizing known, workable SEO techniques like link building, blogging, and mobile optimization, you let search engines know that your website is trustworthy. Then, once these actions begin to generate some steam, Google will even start to view your site as an authority. 

  1. Increases Organic Traffic to Your Site

Social media and pay-per-click ads are great for directing past customers or potential buyers to your site. But what about the potential new visitors entering their first search query?

53% of web traffic starts with an organic search. This is why SEO services are crucial for gaining quality, organic traffic to your site. Targeting the correct keywords and creating relevant content are great ways to encourage searchers to view your website and support your business. 

  1. Your Competitors Are Already Doing It

One of the primary reasons to use search marketing services is that your competitors are already using them.

Your competitors know they want to out-sell and produce you, just like you do them. The difference is they’re already doing something about it and using an SEO service that directs your potential customers to them instead.

  1. Improves Your Quality Score for PPC Campaigns

By aligning your PPC campaigns with your on-page SEO, you’re able to improve your Quality Score on Google and potentially lower the cost-per-click and improve ad performance. Additionally, using the same tone of voice, keywords, and language consistently across your site, or sites, is key for providing the best user experience possible. 

  1. Take Your Digital Campaigns to the Next Level

A search marketing or website service also grants you the freedom to take your business to the next level. They provide digital marketing strategies that grow your sphere of influence from local, to regional, all the way to global depending on your goals. 

Reasons Why You Need A Search Marketing Service

Having a solid SEO marketing campaign that’s curated by professionals is the best way to have your website rank higher, attract more customers, and bring bigger profits. Now you know the 5 reasons why you need a search marketing service.

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