5 Reasons: Why Small Enterprises Should Use Virtual Number

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It doesn’t matter if you are an established conglomerate or a new startup, it can be extremely tough for a business to figure out how to spend your money, what’s crucial for business growth, and what can be avoided? As a decision-maker in the business, you might have a “shopping list”. However, there are certain tools and technologies that can help you achieve that growth you have been aiming for.

Let us look at the top five reasons why small enterprises must use a Virtual Number

1.      Cost-saving

It’s a common myth that new-age technologies are more expensive than older technologies. However, that is not the case. Virtual Number solutions are commonly more cost-cutting than traditional telephony-based carriers. This is especially right when a business places a lot of customer calls, which can be extremely expensive on traditional telephony.

Another added advantage is that a business need not invest in physical infrastructure and systems to get Virtual Numbers; calls may simply be diverted to common business devices like phones or laptops. It is on the cloud communication provider to spend on buying, repairing, and even replacing any physical infrastructure to help meet the demands of the customers.

2. Flexibility

The only requirement for a business to use a virtual number is to have a device and an internet signal – enabling your agents to virtually function from anywhere. In the era of remote work, it is not very mindful to have physical office spaces. It’s very easy for a business to intelligently route calls to an agent’s phone through an app or even forward voicemails to the authorized e-mail account.

Hence, this flexibility of a Virtual Number empowers a business to work from anywhere and offer seamless communication and work experience to customers and employees respectively. Your customers would choose another of your contemporaries over you if you are not available to your customers easily.

3. A fully scalable solution

A Virtual Number can do more for your business than a regular and traditional phone number. There are zero to no features available with a traditional number. However, with a Virtual Number, a business can be armed with an arm of features that would help a business meet its goals efficiently. Therefore, as a business thrives it gets very smooth to upgrade or scale the call services of your business. A business can integrate other cloud communication solutions like IVR, Automated OBD Dialing, and Voicebots. With a Virtual Number Provider, a business can easily upgrade its customer service and sales processes by scaling the software easily. All they would require is to hire business representatives

A Virtual Phone Number is just not a one-time investment that reaps its benefits for some time. It is scalable enough to thrive with small enterprises, which is an extremely crucial advantage for startups.

4. Boost the brand image

Enterprises that depend on traditional telephony are always hoping that no technical faults and natural calamities occur. A business can never hope for disruptions in its customer service and support. Because such stoppages could cost business money and a serious dent in the brand image.

Brand loyalty is driven by consistent support and service that can be easily relied on by customers. Since Virtual Number Solutions operate on the cloud, any natural calamities or hardware fault would result in service disruption. There are no physical lines. So if an enterprise has issues with any of the devices they are using, they can easily route the call to another device or agent till the issue is fixed.

5. Select a number that works for your enterprise

Cloud communication companies let enterprises choose a number according to their requirements.  A type of Virtual Number is a Vanity Number. Vanity Numbers are efficient at gaining brand awareness, and hence getting more inquiry calls. There are Toll-free numbers too, that don’t cost a dime to callers. Hence, they would lead to a reduction in lead/customer hesitancy.

It may be daunting to run your own small enterprise and budget for resources. Getting a Virtual Number Solution, is a strategic choice for both the short and long term- scalability, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, etc. are just some of the business benefits. So what is stopping you?


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