5 Creative Ways Through Companies Are Transforming Their Serviced Offices

Gone are the days of boring cubicles in dull colours. As the need for innovation and productivity is escalating with the changing times, businesses are transforming their workplaces to make the office more inviting and attractive. Even if the business operates out of rental office space, employers are using innovative workplaces as a strategic tool to promote employee wellbeing.
These spaces allow the employees to spark innovative thoughts and creative ideas, and they get a chance to be refreshed between taxing work hours. These spaces boost creativity and increase productive collaboration that proves beneficial for a company’s growth.
From plants in the office to music rooms and hot-desking options, let us explore the innovative changes bringing about a sea change in the work culture.
If you are a business owner looking for office space for rent, read on. This article will provide you with off-beat and innovative ideas to maximize your employee’s productivity and help you settle for the best space for you.

Encouraging Freedom: Hot Desk

Wireless technology has been a boon in many ways, especially for businesses all around. Wireless internet and devices like notebooks and tablets have made it easier for employees to work from anywhere and not just a fixed desktop computer. This also has opened up the option of hot desking, which means that the employee can easily move around the office and work from a comfortable seat.
This induces a feeling of freedom in the employees and also breaks their monotony. Whether it is a chair, sofa, a bean bag or an open table, the employees can sit and start working.

Many companies in Perth have taken extra care in setting up their offices so that the employees can avail of hot desking facilities. It has sparked a new trend that many employers are indulging in.
With the rise in remote working, in this era of start-ups, many business owners opt not to go for an office for lease. They are instead choosing a co-working space in Perth. These office spaces allow hot desking from them.

Inspiring Collaboration: Movable Desks:

Mobile desks are again another great way to work. Many employers have designed their desks so the employees can move them and attach or detach them to create different shapes that are comfortable to them. These can also be arranged in collaboration with other employees. This has escalated collaboration amongst colleagues.
If you are on the lookout for an office for lease in Perth, do consider putting up these kinds of desks to ensure maximum employee bonding and enhanced teamwork.

Inspiring Creativity and Promoting Relaxations: Music Rooms:

Music promotes relaxation, focus and productivity. Top business owners are using this awesome tool to drive work satisfaction to their employees. A lot of businesses in Perth are creating music rooms for their employees. These let the employees relax, take breaks from hectic schedules and boost their energy level. Music also inspires creativity and problem-solving ability.
A music room doesn’t need to be elaborate. Some have simple instruments like guitars, a drum set, keyboards, and a small stage with a microphone island stand. However, the room should be soundproof not to disturb other employees in the office.
Quality Serviced offices in Perth might have a music room beforehand that you can access for a small fee. You don’t need to buy the instruments or set up the room.

Employee Bonding and Collaboration: Super Desk

Among other things, covid-19 has given us all a taste of isolation, thereby understanding the need for collaborative efforts. Super desks are open desks where as many as 150 employees can sit and work. This fosters collaboration and better bonding amongst employees, especially if they belong to different verticals.
If you happen to be one of those businesses that operate remotely out of a Virtual Offices Perth, you can choose to hire super desk facilities once in a while to facilitate in-person workdays. These will boost the spirit of bonding in employees and exercise their collaborative aspect.

Boost In Employee Well Being: Green Office

More than just lovely plants, many employees are using the colour green to rejuvenate their interiors and buy furniture in different shades of green. They are also adding live plants in the workspace. These not only inspire the employees, but they feel more joyous with plants all around. The colour green also produces tranquillity, focus, enhanced creativity and wellbeing. Studies show that the addition of plants inside the office boosts productivity by 15%.

Final Thoughts

All these changes in the workplace have produced marvellous results for the companies using them. You can incorporate some of them at your workplace too. Designing a workplace should be about the employees’ satisfaction to provide you with their best productivity.
You can incorporate these ideas in small ways in your existing office space. Add a few plants and create a green area for your employees to catch a breath. You can also explain hot desking to them and allow them to move around rather than staying chained at a fixed desk. Get a board game or two or some gymming equipment. If you are looking for an office rental in Perth, you might look for a place with some open area that can be transformed into a garden.

However, if you settle for a serviced office space, top class service office providers already have all these facilities like hot desks, music rooms, gyms and green spaces in place. This means that you do not have to pay any extra cash to make these arrangements. You can let your employee coworking space benefit from those by simply paying a small fee.
A lot of companies in Perth also allow their employees to bring their pets to the office. These pets allow the employees to enjoy a work-life balance and help people de-stress. They also serve as social catalysts that promote bonding and often trigger new friendships among the employees. Using these ideas, you can give your employees the best environment to work in and create a win-win situation for both.

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